Believe it or not, I first started in the business through video production. In college I majored in Media Arts and fell in love with video editing. I loved the fact that I could take video, manipulate it into my own, and produce something that can be seen by countless people. However, in order to get better at editing, I needed content to edit. That's when I picked up a video camera and started shooting things of my own. It first started with class projects which then evolved to corporate videos. 

It wasn't until I moved to New York in 2014 that I picked up a DSLR with photographic intentions. A good friend came to me with a project, dealing with fashion and photography, and I said why not. I'd always been intrigued with photography and fashion was always an interest of mine so this was a great opportunity to experience a different frontier. After the first couple rounds, which were incredibly bumpy, I started to fall in love with the things I was able to produce. To capture a moment, hold it in time, and make it something beautiful, was an incredible feeling. I also found that my studies with art helped me compose and look at things differently. In college I minored in art and fell in love with painting. Luckily, I had great professors that challenged me to look at things differently, or compose things a certain way, and to just find your own style. Photography, is just like painting in my eyes, but instead of a brush I use a lens.